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Jailbreak iOS 10.2 to Strike soon with YaluX

Luca Todesco, the developer who hold credits for YaluX iOS 10.1.x jailbreak has recently come with exciting news for the whole community. With his new tweet Luca has said that he willing to update the tool “YaluX” to add support for iOS 10.2 latest. So those who have trapped to iOS 10.2, missing the chance to downgrade iOS 10.1.1 have reasons to get happy now as that is not the death of jailbreak dreams. In fact, Jailbreak iOS 10.2 is very close to strike public with the updated tool “YaluX” by Todesco. If you too waited for happy jailbreak news on latest firmware now signs, get updated about all new with our brief note.

jailbreak iOS 10.2

As a giant role in the jailbreak community, Luca Todesco wins a lot of consideration. With his new tool beta launch “YaluX jailbreak” he strongly reached public, giving iOS 10.1.x jailbreak opportunities. But as the tool appears with limitations, Luca himself not recommend the use until he make it stable and confirmed. In fact, the tool appears a semi-untethered with only a limited Cydia support. So there users who have managed the jailbreak can only reach a limited Cydia apps and Tweaks. So until Luca confirms it is safe in public use, you will only find a beta jailbreak with “YaluX” which could force you upgrade 10.2 with a single mess in the processing. But is that means the death of jailbreaking? Not at all, as Luca has extend the hope now to iOS 10.2. Let’s see how it is done

Jailbreak iOS 10.2 via YaluX

Coming through a new tweet, Luca said that he is intending to add support for iOS 10.2 jailbreak via his “YaluX”. So the tool now in beta will be soon released for public with the added support for iOS 10.2 too. But there too you will find limitations. In fact, if it is going happen as Luca stated, the jailbreak will come for non-iPhone 7 devices in 64-bit range. But in case if your iPhone 7/7 Plus is already upgraded to 10.2, you will probably miss the chance for “YaluX jailbreak” as there you find incompatibility with hardware security measures in latest iPhone devices.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2

Even “YaluX” was introduced to public, it was under active development. In fact, he was working to make the tool better performing for every user with different experimenting going beyond the 0-exploits. And that little changes have made the super change we now in excited for, which brought support for jailbreak iOS 10.2. So this is an exciting news for jailbreakers even it is not applied for iPhone 7/7 Plus users in iOS 10.2. In fact, all other 64-bit devices in iOS 10.2 previous firmware are going get jailbreak and Cydia download opportunities with the tool to come. So stay where you are and try to grab jailbreak benefits. In case if you are on iOS 10.1.x, sit tight to the firmware as you are anyway safe for the upcoming jailbreak if anything found problematic in developing for iOS 10.2.

iOS 10.2.1 is Coming- Should you upgrade?

Soon with the release of iOS 10.2, Apple started working on the next minor release. And by now you can see three successful betas out in the side of iOS 10.2.1 giving all developers and public beta testers to taste the upcoming firmware. And as it looks minor range with only addressing bugs and security features, the update will be soon dropped to public authority. But if you are willing to take the upcoming jailbreak opportunities, strictly stay away from iOS 10.2.1 upgrade as it could trap you with no jailbreak again.

As Luca said jailbreak iOS 10.2 too have a chance to come, so stay tuned to get all fresh updates. If you find anything problematic in related to these, feel free to reach us for any clarifications.

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